I live and work in the Washington DC metro area. If you are local you can take my courses on campus, or you can take the classes offered online from anywhere. I present at various conferences and other events and would be happy to consider being part of a program to advance social justice and education about human sexuality. Please contact me to discuss the details. You can also follow my blog to stay informed about my news and events. In the vast digital universe of online information, finding reliable, accurate resources can be a challenge. I only recommend people with whom I’ve worked and those whose work has informed my own research.


Amy Andre blogs about sexuality issues and represents the next generation of sex educators. She’s a filmmaker too.

Susie Bright is the best cultural critic of our time, bar none. Her incisive commentary ranges far beyond her sex-ed expertise into everything from world affairs to domestic craft tips.

Betty Dodson encourages women to love themselves in totality—body and soul unconditionally. Her brief advice videos with her business partner Carlin Ross are updated regularly, and they are hilarious! Her videos will entertain you while providing top-quality sex education.

Dr. Ibrahim Abdurrahman Farajajé served on my doctoral committee and helped me co-found the Alliance of Multi-Cultural Bisexuals (AMBi). He does radical theological work from a world religions, Islamic, queer-feminist perspective. He is the Provost at Starr-King School for Ministry in Berkeley, CA.

Herukhuti or Dr. H. Sharif Williams co-edited Sexuality, Religion and the Sacred: Bisexual, Pansexual and Polysexual Perspectives with me in 2011. He teaches at Goddard College and other universities.

Lani Ka’ahumanu is my best friend and beloved Bi Any Other Name: Bisexual People Speak Out co-editor and co-conspirator within the Bi movement.

Robyn Ochs encouraged me to teach before I even knew I could. She is one of the most enthusiastic bi activists I know. Check out her Bi Women newsletter and the Getting Bi resource guide.

Annie Sprinkle is an incredible artist who creates her own life as performance art and inspires others to do likewise.



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    It’s great fun reviewing bi books for the Journal of Bisexuality. Here’s a recent one:? ?

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  • I Lost A Partner …

    For Nancy Logsdon Mandelkorn, R.I.P., April 5, 2015 I lost a partner. She told people she “fell in love” with me before she knew me. She meant she fell in love with my work in the world, how I gave her courage to be. We took care of each other, that’s what mattered, still does. […]

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  • On World AIDS Day 2014 . . . I remember

    I read something about it in 1981.? A newspaper report about a mysterious rare cancer found in 41 gay men. I’d returned to DC in August 1980 from the International Black Hills Survival Gathering outside Rapid City, SD, where we—the environmental activists, American Indian Movement leaders, ranchers, and concerned scientists, academics and clergy—were trying to […]

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